Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

This is the legal disclaimer for Nordika Inc. (“we”,”us”,”our”). The disclaimer covers all content on our website (https://www.nordikainvest.com/) and also advice given by any member of our organisation both verbally and in writing.

Before using our website, please ensure you note the following important information:


Direct investments in real estate

Our activity relates exclusively to direct investment in real estate by the investor him/her/itself. We act as an introducer who works with identifying and qualifying real estate investments that potentially can yield a return. We do not introduce clients in order to invest – and do not advise clients to invest – in any special purpose vehicle (SPV), investment fund or any other type of indirect investments in real estate or anything similar.


Research and Due Diligence

Our content must be used for informational purposes exclusively. It is of utter importance that you to do your own analysis and due diligence before making any investment. The decision to invest in direct real estate is yours alone and must take your own personal circumstances into account. We do not make any investment decision on behalf of any investor. We recommend that you seek independent financial advice from a real estate investment professional. Furthermore we recommend that you do you your own independent research and verify any information that you find on our Website as well as any advice given by us.


Investment projections

All investment return projections on direct real estate provided by us are based on historical average performance of actual, hypothetical, theoretical, imaginary or simulated returns of the said real estate. Performance data and past performance is no guarantee of future results. Current performance may be higher or lower than the past performance or performance shown. The investment value and return of the real estate will fluctuate so that the investor’s investments, when realized, might be worth more or less than their original cost.


Valuation tools

Some parts of our website and sales material might include valuation tools. These are only for informational purposes. They give the users possibility to run their own valuations easily. All pre-defined values are only meant as starting points and are based on general assumptions made by our experts. Users should make their own assumptions and not perceive them as a substitute for their own judgement. All valuation outputs are generic and are not endorsed by us.



We would like to emphasize that all investments in real estate involves a certain level of risk. Please read the following investment warnings carefully:

  • We cannot guarantee any form of investment value or returns
  • Past performance is neither a promise nor a guarantee of future performance
  • Any investment decision in real estate of an individual will always remain the responsibility of that individual solely